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Our team of professionals develop stylish websites with exclusive designs that really boost your business and generate profit.
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Our team of professionals develop stylish websites with exclusive designs that really boost your business and generate profit.
🇺🇦 Effective websites and the best solutions for your business offered by experts 🤘
Our advantages
Solutions That Work for Your Success
Sites for Business
The goal of any business is to get more sales. Our task is to help you with that. We carry out an in-depth analysis of your niche and create sites that generate profit.
Exclusive Design
A team of UX and web designers works on your site. You get a carefully thought-out website with a unique design. We say no to one-size-fits-all solutions.
Endless Possibilities
We create websites of any complexity, from landing pages to online stores. You get access to the ready site on our platform and can make any changes then.
What we develop
Our Services
We develop websites of any complexity, from simple one-pagers to online stores. One thing remains unchanged: the quality of our work and the attention to detail.

Landing Pages for Advertising Launch

One-page sites created according to all the rules of effective landing pages.

  • Are a perfect fit for launching paid advertising in social media and Google Ads.
  • Convenient for quick testing of your hypotheses and analysis of consumer demand.
  • Bright, simple, not overloaded with unnecessary information. The development takes about 10 days.

Tell Potential Clients About Yourself

Order a large, stylish website that will introduce your audience to your services and products.

    • You can get more free organic traffic from search results with optimized content.

Increase brand awareness and user loyalty with a large, stylish, and functional website.

  • Great opportunity for you to tell in detail about each type of your goods and/or services.


Start selling goods and services online!

Accept orders and payments through a stylish and functional online store.

  • The number of products in the online store is not limited. We help with the initial setup and add your products.
  • Product cards can be optimized for SEO for promotion in Google search results.
  • With the simple interface, you will be able to easily add new products and make any changes yourself in the future.
Examples of ready websites
Our Portfolio
Each site is created by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of design and web development.
Like one or more of the examples below? Contact us, and we will offer you an exclusive solution that will be a perfect fit right for your business!
Site creation process
How We Work

Our goal is to create a truly effective website for you.
To do this, we have divided the development process into stages:

Filling out our brief

Our manager contacts you and offers to fill out a website design brief. This way, we can better understand the specifics of your business.


UX specialists prepare the structure of the main page of your future website. At this stage, we also add text content.

Site development

When the main page is approved, we move on to work on the structure, design, and content of the internal pages of the site.

Launch and transfer to the owner

When the site is ready and approved, we transfer it to your account and open it for indexing by search engines.

What we develop
Additional Services

Pakkun digital agency can take over all the work on promotion, content management, 
and site improvements that are not included in your pricing plan.

Corporate logo
Do you need to design a new logo or redo an old one? Our experienced designer will gladly take care of it.
We offer professional text content for your website. From copy for landing pages to expert blog articles.
Webmaster hours

Our technical specialist will help with any integrations and further improvements of your site.

Adding products
We will help you fill your site with products and add categories and meta tags for each product and section.
Selecting images
We can carefully select high-quality and unhackneyed stock images and fill your site with them.
Website transfer
We will help you move to our platform, preserving your design and position in search engines as much as possible.
Additional information
Frequently Asked Questions
Each site is created by a team of professionals who have extensive experience in the field of design and web development.
Before starting work, we agree on the final cost. No additional payments are required from you, except if you want to order additional services.
Certainly. Most websites are built on CMS WordPress that is SEO-friendly. You will not have any difficulties with website promotion in search engines.
The minimum term for creating a landing page is 5 days. If you need a ready website faster, we ask you to prepare all materials and information to be used on the website in advance, as well as to promptly respond to our account managers. Having all the necessary information and reducing the time allotted for filling out the brief and approvals, we can make your site faster.
If you are not satisfied with the design of the main page, we will take your comments into account, select new references, and our designer will make another version of the main page based on the new information.
If you are not satisfied with the quality of the Pakkun digital agency services, you can request a full refund until the design of the main page is confirmed. If the site is approved and transferred to your account on our platform, the project is considered closed, and the funds spent on its development are non-refundable.

Website development in Kyiv – Pakkun agency 💎

Pakkun agency is a digital agency that provides a full range of services for the creation, development and promotion of websites and online stores in Ukraine. Our team of professionals has extensive experience in working with various projects and offers high-quality services for creating websites, developing online stores and promoting websites in Ukraine.

Pakkun agency offers a wide range of services for creating websites and online stores. Our specialists can develop and launch a project that will fully meet your requirements. Our specialists can develop and launch any project, from a simple landing page to a large online store. We offer all the necessary services for the development and promotion of websites in Ukraine: from design to design, from programming to testing, as well as website promotion in search engines and website promotion through social networks.

If you want to order a website or landing page, or develop an online store and promote it in Ukraine, then Pakkun agency offers quality services at affordable prices. Our team of professionals has many years of experience and offers a full range of services for the creation, development and promotion of websites and online stores in Ukraine. We guarantee the high quality of our services and are ready to help you create and promote your website in Ukraine.

Stages of creating a website: how we work 🎯

Creating a website is a process that requires a professional approach. When working with a digital agency, the process of creating a website takes place in several stages.

1) At the first stage, the project is discussed and the contract is signed, where all the details of the project are prescribed.

2) Next comes the development of the Terms of Reference, which contains all the details of the project. The project is divided into several stages that must be completed before the project is completed.

3) Then there is an advance payment, after which the development of the site begins.

4) When the site is ready, it is transferred to the client’s hosting and further project support is performed.

Digital agency Pakkun provides ongoing support for the project to ensure its quality and reliability. In addition to technical support, the digital agency provides advice on website promotion in social networks and search engines. A professional digital agency will help you create a high-quality website and provide ongoing project support. - каталог сайтов Украины

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