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Is the cheapest hosting always bad?

The cheapest hosting

Most often the cheapest web hosting has at least a few problems:Β 
– Low uptime (when in the evening you can often see an error when trying to open one of the pages of the site and from time to time it can stop working, on average from a few seconds to 10-20 minutes);
– Placing bad (often malicious) sites on the same server as your website.

And it would not be so critical if they just used the Times New Roman font and took up space for a blog about cats and dogs 😈
But sometimes cheap hosting is used by the owners of banned or unwanted sites, which at some point will fall under search engine filters. And at best, this will be limited to poor or missing indexing of pages in Google search for this site (and yours along with it), and possibly even suspension of the entire server.

And here again you can remember about uptime. Depending on the rules of the hosting itself, the server may suspend work for a short time (which is bad anyway) to delete such a site on its own and block this user.

If you buy a good shared hosting, you don’t have to worry about such things, but now I will tell you the most important part:
– My last shared hosting cost $8.5. It was one of the Ukrainian providers and a plan that will allow me to sustain at least some traffic to my digital agency website.

– Eventually this hosting did not cope and I found Cloudways hosting for myself: its price is 10$ for the DigitalOcean cloud hosting plan that characterizes the ideal hosting for WordPress. While this is cloud hosting that provides your personal server that does not need to be shared with other websites, as well as 25 GB of disk space and a huge number of benefits that are difficult to even fit in one post.

But I will describe them in the next post.Β 

With my 20% off promo code, this hosting will cost you less than shared hosting.
You’re welcome!

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