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Shared Hosting vs Cloud Hosting

I confess that most of the time I used regular shared hosting.
But that time started to come to an end as the traffic on my website started to grow. I used one of the same, domestic cheap hosting and felt for myself how even a site with perfect optimization began to work worse due to the excess load on the CPU. I decided to increase the performance of the server and bought a new tariff, thereby expanding the capabilities of the CPU and adding RAM. It was “Ukraine” hosting and their best plan was $14.86 per month (~402 UAH). 

It was crazy for me to pay that kind of money for a server that will not only be mine, but will also be used to host other people’s sites next to mine (I will describe below why this is bad).

And during this difficult period, I found Cloudways cloud hosting for myself, where at the moment I pay only $10 (actually $8 using my 20% discount promo code)

Let’s start with the type of hosting

Shared hosting, even with its original name in English – “Shared” immediately makes it clear what the concept is. Specifically, this means that many sites are located on one server at once. 

As a result, you will not have your own server, but only some space will be allocated next to other sites.

Advantages of shared hosting:
1) This is the cheapest type of hosting
2) Easy setup and management

You can manage such a server without any special knowledge. Just buy the right plan, according to the right amount of physical memory and other details. Then, using cpanel (or another control panel), add your website files, create a database, and you’re done.

At the same time, you need to choose a good virtual hosting and be sure that there will at least be a stable uptime (server uptime with your site) and strict rules regarding published sites will be observed (blocking sites that do not comply with the rules of the service and / or contain materials that violate the law).

Cloud hosting benefits:
1) You get your personal server, which is used only by you.
2) Much higher performance and all parameters.
3) High speed of work, which has a positive effect on the work of the site and its evaluation when checking using the Page Speed ​​Insights and GTmetrix tools.
4) All the previous points and the absence of bad sites on the same server together with you have a positive effect on your positions in the Google search engine.

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Most users will be fine with the very first plan in the DigitalOcean section, which costs $10. And with my promo code it will be even cheaper. 

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